7 Reasons To Visit CASABLANCA


You must have been wandering around the world to enjoy the amusements of its various cities, but have you ever thought to explore Casablanca? If you really want to have an everlasting memorable experience with your travel, we suggest you consider traveling to this city which offers its most to you. It is the largest and modern city in Morocco which provides its visitors with attractive and amusing sites. For those who wish to experience the present and learn about the past, it is the most famous and awfully attractive city in Morocco. Fascinated? Consider our 7 reasons to visit Casablanca to authenticate your decision.

People have to make lots of efforts to find out the details of this city, out of sight or unrevealed. Visit The Casa’s Medina and King Hassan II Mosque. Casablanca’s port is the largest in North Africa, and it is also the largest artificial port around the globe. The Mediterranean climate of this city is very tender and warm, with an Oceanic impact. Once you get beneath the surface, you will see the style and grit of this amazing city that feels like a Los Angeles. Here is why it is worth a visit.

  1. Casablanca, the house of arts and culture

This city has several cultures and arts. The famous art of Casablanca’s was Deco villas had been reanimated as museums and galleries. Recently, On La Villa des Arts, neon pop art was displayed by graffiti artist Ramzi Adek. The Casamémoire upgraded the 30s Deco villa’s art, the president of Rachid Andulaussi, and now he became a temporary and permanent host of art exhibitions.

A Deco villa art’s of the 40s, Moroccan businessman Abdurrahman Salou was displayed on the Rue du Parc as a great exclusive collection. During his travels in Morocco, he collected everything from vintage jewelry and bohemian glass, and it is displayed in Abdurrahman Salou’s foundation of Le Musée de la. In 2012, the city of the old industrial slaughterhouse was reenvisioned as La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca, a center for the moment of music events, urban dance, and street art exhibitions.

  1. Hassan II Mosque 

This Hassan II mosque is one of the largest mosques, which is evidence of unbelievable craftsmanship. It takes more than seven years and as numerous as 10,000 artisans to complete the convoluted triumph, which is likely to visit for tourists in Morocco. This large mosque has the tallest minaret worldwide, and mainly it is the 13th largest mosque on Earth, though few sources insist it to be the 3rd largest mosque, so likely it changes from every now. Anyhow, it is beautiful, huge, and fascinating to visit this place.

Hassan II Mosque stands on a foreland looking towards the Atlantic Ocean, and it has a roof on top from which it is possible to open to see the sky by the main hall. If you want to visit the Hassan II Mosque, you will need to purchase a museum ticket. The tour itself is a chunk muddy and not too instructive. If you are not a Muslim, then it is the only way to visit the mosque.

  1. Morocco’s only Bikram Studio.

When you visit Morocco, you can practice at only Bikram Studio. You will be stick to Casablanca’s residential section in its neighborhood. Bikram classes studio offers one and only Om Yoga. In 2013, Nabil Scally, Bikram’s studio owner, opened the stylish and palm-shaded space.

He expanded its new offers: vinyasa, Hatha, power, yin, and aerial yoga along with TRX classes. The daughter of Nabil Scally, Camila Harris, is one of his studio’s top teachers, and she fluently goes along between English and French instruction. Om also offers regular classes on weeklong retreats.

  1. Casablanca is a great restaurant city.

Casablanca has a buzzy restaurant scene charge by both visitors and locals. The waterfront boulevard city’s La Corniche is generally a beach cafe banded with umbrella-shaded, ocean-view restaurant and chic lounges, which would not appear out of place on the French Riviera. A stylish crowd and unique Atlantic views made Le Cabestan the reservation to rack up on La Corniche. In 1927, when the French restaurant just opened, their scene is looking relevant according to the 2011 renovation.

The Four Seasons’s fifth-floor Latin restaurant has become an expeditious hot spot, appreciate to the view of its oceanfront, outdoor fire spit and terrace, and smart nautical-influence decoration. A raw bar Dakhla oysters displays, prawns, and the diners will watch chefs cook behind a huge custom grill in the middle of the dining room. People become inspired by the barmen’s’ composite mocktail with teas and made with dry ice theatrical.

  1. Casablanca’s exciting architecture. 

Several building styles will be famous for the architecture polish, radically modern by Art Deco. In an interest to understand the city’s true stories of most significant buildings, then with Casamémoire, join an architectural tour. Many money-protected organizations designated a Heritage Site UNESCO World as a part of this city. Boulevard Mohammed V is the heart of old Casablanca. It is a reminder of the French ascendancy to the town

Art Deco’s one of the most admirable examples is Cinéma Rialto, situated at the main drag’s external. Mahkama du Pacha is constructed in the 1950s that is situated in the city Habous. Église du Sacré-Couer, a profane church built in the 30s, while Église Notre Dame de Lourdes was constructed in the 1950s. It is a beautiful example of Brutalist architecture with extraordinary incredible blemish glass panels inside it.

  1. You can have a great meal at a tourist trap. 

Tourists, especially Americans, cannot avoid dining at Rick’s Café, the famous cafe in this Casablanca, not just because of the food but also because of the bar who made famous in the iconic film. Kathy Kriger, the owner of America, got all the details right, from the arched foyer to the piano man who uses out Sinatra tunes and mosaic-tiled floors.

Recently upgraded the chef experiences. Appreciate to cooperation with the culinary from the Four Seasons. Diners who book the Taste of this Place. They get a private tour with Kriger of the Restaurant accompany by a wine-paired’ four-course meal that spotlights the freshest local ingredients.

  1. Casablanca Surf’s Culture

There is a legal surf culture in this city. Casablanca’s beach scene is a reminder of Venice Beach; this beach is surf-crazed and a sandy chunk. Ladies wade out in caftan at line La Corniche of surf school, and each September, pros from around the globe sink here to participate in the surf completion of Quiksilver Pro.

Dar Bouazza, which is near this beach town. It senses more like Santa Monica with its café-lined streets and fancy dream houses. A talented guider from Ain Diab Surf School will take you to surf at the most lavish breaks here.


In Morocco, Casablanca is often looked for as a travel purpose. Since several tourists detour the city and head on to Fes and Marrakech. But rather than instantly hopping flight or on a train, it is worth it to spend more than a day or two visiting all the things in Casablanca. If you have a belief in guidebooks, you should feel that Casablanca is not worth much time. where you will find sightseeing, great food, and street-life and more. Before rushing off to Marrakech spend few days there it will worth your opinions.